Lucy and the New Hollywood Cerebral Science

By Zachary Kirk-Singer I have been really excited to see Lucy for quite some time. I had been waiting at least since January to see Scarlet “evolve” and fling people across the room like a more curvaceous Jean Grey. So, when the chance for my boyfriend and myself arose to see it early, I jumped […]

True Blood Recap 07.06 “Karma”

By Greg Solomon Here we are folks, in the second half of the final season (and unlike most AMC series we didn’t have to wait six months since the last episode). So what’s happened so far? Eric and Pam are planning to kill Sarah Newlin, Bill and Eric are dying of the Hep-V, Andy gave the best proposal […]

True Blood Recap 07.05 “Lost Cause”

By Greg Solomon Previously on True Blood: Alcide died, the Yakuza killed people, Lettie Mae kept seeing Tara, Lala and James were dying to get sexy, the stupid vamps are dead, and Arlene drank from Keith (who looks exceedingly familiar and I think its from his sting on 24) We open on the long-lost bloodcurdling screams […]

Snowpiercer – GGNY Review 2

By Zachary Kirk-Singer While I had only been waiting about two weeks for Snowpiercer from when I first heard of it, the rest of America has been waiting for just shy of a year. After seeing the really well executed trailer for this film, I quickly discovered the controversy that is coupled with this intriguing sci-fi […]


True Blood Recap 07.04 “Death is Not the End”

By Greg Solomon Previously on The Show Formerly Known as True Blood: Eric was sick, Sarah Newlin said “Namaste,” Maxine Fortenberry got gutted, there was a gang of stupid vampires, Holly was glamoured to forget where the kidnapped townsfolk were, and Alcide got shot (Now if I could write a recap that short for this […]

Dominion’s Gay and Geeky Potential

By Kyle DeBlasio The year was 2010 (and no, we did not make contact), and the marketing geniuses over at the Sci-Fi network had come to think that the “sci” in their title, which stands for “science,” was off-putting and were then just beginning to rebrand themselves as “SyFy.” In the movie theaters, Paul Bettany […]

Dominion- Season 1

True Blood Recap 07.03 “Fire in the Hole” 1

By Greg Solomon One of the things I look for first whenever I watch a new episode of True Blood is if there is a parental guidance warning about nudity.Whenever there is, I’m like “yay!” even though inevitably it’s female - and this week it was random female nudity from a character that really seemed thrown in just […]

True Blood Recap 07.02 “I Found You” 1

By Greg Solomon So, I should have totally guessed the cliffhanger from the title and the teaser but I guess I didn’t (and still don’t) care. Before we get to that, though, and even before we get to the “previously on,” I notice that there’s no warning about nudity this week… well damn. Anyway, last […]


Fall TV 2014 – A Geeky Preview

By Kyle DeBlasio It is now the last week in June and I am ready to report on an event from a month ago: the May TV network UpFronts. For those of you not in the advertising industry, I will give a brief description of what this is. The rates for network TV advertising are […]