AHS Freak Show Recap Episode 7: “Test of Strength”

By Greg Solomon I somehow sense the best thing about this episode will be knowing that there isn’t an episode next week! I predict, based on the title, that this will be all about Dell and Desiree. They will both have flash-forward fake death sequences and meanwhile Legless Suzi will kick the bucket. We pick up […]


Sleepy Hollow Recap 02.08 “Mama”

By Phoebe Duncan We open with Abbie wandering through a misty dream to the accompaniment of the creepiest rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” known to man. Because its use in Angel didn’t scar me enough. Anyway, Abbie sees a cloaked figure and develops instant mommy issues. She awakens abruptly inside Apocalypse HQ, where she apparently […]

AHS Freak Show Recap Episode 6 “Bullseye”

By Greg Solomon How ironic that potentially the most out-andout boring episode of AHS to date is called “Bullseye.” But I’d rather this boring to the insulting of last week. And at least Seal Man (Matt Fraser) gets a lot of air time, and I don’t hate him. We open with a bunch of carnies […]


Sleepy Hollow Recap 02.08 “Heartless”

By Phoebe Duncan We begin with Ichabod and Katrina having an intense debate on the nature of love, trust, and The Bachelor. Katrina’s been able to enjoy the dubious pleasures of the 21st century for all of a week, and Ichabod’s already inflicting reality television on her? Worst husband ever. Thankfully, Abbie shows up with […]

AHS Freak Show Recap Episode 5: “Pink Cupcakes”

By Greg Solomon Season One was Terrifying. Season Two was Disturbing. Season Three was Horrifically Awful. With “Pink Cupcake,” Season Four has established itself as Insulting. Insulting to me as a horror geek insulting to me and my history as a gay man, and most importantly insulting to my intelligence. To be honest, if I […]


Sleepy Hollow Recap 02.07 “Deliverance”

By Phoebe Duncan Previously, on Sleepy Hollow: buckets and buckets of Crane family drama, and seriously, I could have happily gone to my grave without having to watch the evil spider crawl into Katrina’s mouth AGAIN. So much ew. This awkwardly transitions into a flashback of Ichabod and Katrina naked in bed together, because presumably […]

AHS Freak Show Recap: Episode 4 “Edward Mordrake, Part 2″

By Greg Solomon This episode has thrown me into a massive objective versus subjective quandary about the current state of American Horror Story: Freak Show, but we’ll get to that at the end. At the beginning, let’s state that I’ve headed into this week under the expectation that they’ll tease us that Edward Mordrake will take […]

The cover of Soul #1, one of Double Take's initial offerings under Bill Jemas' management

Bill Jemas: The GGNY Interview

By Christopher Stansfield   Bill Jemas, a former lawyer and sports executive turned comics writer, editor, and publisher, is well-known in the geek world for his influential tenure as Marvel Entertainment’s president of consumer products, publishing, and new media (which included publishing Marvel Comics) from 2000 to 2003. During his tenure, Jemas helped to turn around […]

Birdman: GGNY Review

By Zachary Kirk-Singer   With summer long since over, so are summer blockbusters. This generally means superhero films are a rare event until next May, so Birdman, I thought, was going to be my last summer superhero movie. Boy, was I wrong. Birdman tells the story of former 90’s megastar Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) trying to […]

Birdman movie poster

Sleepy Hollow still

Sleepy Hollow Recap 02.06 “And the Abyss Gazes Back”

By Phoebe Duncan Cold open begins with our heroes upside-down as Abbie tries to teach Ichabod how to do yoga — to calm his mind, and also to strengthen his arms, abs, and buns. Ichabod gets very flustered at the frank discussion of his “double jugs.” This phrase is even better than “Franklinstein’s monster.” Anyway, […]