Sleepy Hollow Recap 02.05 “The Weeping Lady”

By Phoebe Duncan   PREVIOUSLY ON SLEEPY HOLLOW: there are no previouslies. Nothing has come before this. We are starting anew. Or, rather, we are starting with Ichabod getting a fresh stash of colonial threads from his favorite historical reenactor, Caroline. She’s kind of adorable, and she has a massive crush on Ichabod that gets […]


AHS Freak Show Recap Episode 2

By Greg Solomon Now that I know there’s an inappropriate musical number coming, I’m muchless hopeful about every upcoming episode of Freak Show (Apparently it’s because Jessica doesn’t like the 50’s music they were looking at, according to a Ryan Murphy interview). But anyway, time for this broken time-capsule of the 50s: We open on our merry […]

Gay Geeks of New York LLC

For Immediate Release GGNY has entered a new era as of October 16th, 2014. We are now known as Gay Geeks of New York, LLC, having incorporated in the State of New York as an official entity. We would like to outline to our valued members what changes have occurred, and ensure you that the […]


Amber Benson on The Witches of Echo Park

During Comic Con, GGNY member David Baxter interviewed Amber Benson (queer geek icon Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as if you didn’t know) about her new book The Witches of Echo Park (due out in January) and other topics: At this year’s New York Comic Con, I got to sit down with an incredible […]

Sleepy Hollow Recap 02.04 “Go Where I Send Thee”

By Phoebe Duncan PREVIOUSLY ON SLEEPY HOLLOW: The flashbacks led me to believe this might actually be an Irving-centric episode, but then NOPE. Also, Mercenary McScruffy is back. Oh, joy. We start off with a typical monster-of-the-week cold open, with a creepy little girl sleepwalking right out of her stately family home, and then cut […]


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Join the Gay Geeks of New York Board of Directors

Gay Geeks of NY is having elections for the 2015 board in December! There will be 3 appointed and 3 elected spots available! If you are a regularly attending member and are interested in applying, please fill out an application and submit it to! Deadline for ALL board applications is November 1st.  (No exceptions! […]

AHS Freak Show Recap Episode 1

By Greg Solomon And so it begins. I’d be shocked to discover that anyone watching this episode isn’t aware that Sarah Paulson is playing Siamese twins, which makes this first ten minutes a patronizing waste of time leading up to that reveal. That said, the D-Licious Milk dude is a stellar example of “Dude, you’re […]


Sleepy Hollow Recap 02.03 “The Root of All Evil”

By Phoebe Duncan Show, I am disappointed in you. You offered us the gloriously revisionist history that Benedict Arnold turned traitor because of a demon coin, and then totally failed to make those flashbacks anywhere near as ridiculous as they could have been. Where is nudist Ben Franklin when you need him? Sigh. But I’m […]

American Horror Story Freak Show Pre-Cap 1

By Greg Solomon With the upcoming American Horror Story: Freak Show premiere fast approaching, I thought I’d do a brief retrospective on the first three seasons of what should be my favorite series of all time (and where they dropped the ball in Season 3, of course). Fingers crossed for a fierce fourth season! American Horror […]



Sleepy Hollow Recap 02.02 “The Kindred”

By Phoebe Duncan   For the record, I had several glasses of wine before viewing this episode, so I am feeling no pain right now. PREVIOUSLY ON SLEEPY HOLLOW: everyone introduces themselves, which is thoughtful of them, and by the by, Captain Irving still exists. At least in flashbacks.   I have to ask: is […]